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The Best Brushing and Flossing Techniques, Revealed

September 2, 2019

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parent and child brushing their teeth together

Did anybody teach you how to brush and floss your teeth correctly? If you’re not confident in your hygiene techniques, you may be causing your mouth more harm than good. Problems like overly aggressive brushing, not using the right motions, and using abrasive products can permanently damage your gums and teeth. To keep your mouth in tip-top shape, a dentist in Tyler reveals what you should do when you brush and floss your teeth.


4 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Smile

August 23, 2019

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woman smiling with sunglasses

You used to be in love with your smile. It used to light up a room whenever you walked in. These days, however, it feels a little dull. If only there were some way to restore that old spark to your grin. Fortunately, there is with your cosmetic dentist in Tyler! Read on to learn 4 ways that she can make you and everyone else infatuated with your smile again.


4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Your Checkup & Cleaning With Your Dentist in Tyler

July 29, 2019

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person visiting the dentist

Do you wonder why it’s important to visit your dentist in Tyler every six months when you brush and floss regularly at home? Unfortunately, there’s no substitution for a professional checkup and cleaning. Sometimes, there are nooks and crannies in your mouth that you can’t get to with a regular toothbrush, which is why your dental professional has specially crafted tools that are designed to remove cavity and gum disease-causing plaque and tartar from below your gum line. If you need more reasons to visit your dentist for your checkup and cleaning, read on for four.


FAQ On Getting Tooth Extractions in Tyler

May 22, 2019

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tooth placed on counter

As your dentist is inspecting your mouth during your checkup and cleaning, they inform you that you’ll need a tooth extraction due to severe decay. The thought of cold metal forceps rummaging around your mouth to remove a tooth you’ve worked so hard to preserve scares you, and it’s understandable. The best way to ease your anxiety is to learn the facts about the procedure and how it can benefit you. Read on to learn about the most common questions patients have about tooth extractions in Tyler.


Answers to Your Questions about Root Canal Therapy

April 25, 2019

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Patient receiving dental care

Root canal therapy can often save a tooth that would otherwise be lost to extraction. Nonetheless, some people delay seeking treatment because of unanswered questions about this gentle and effective form of treatment. In this post we’ll answer some of the most common concerns people have about root canals, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.


Dental X-Rays During Pregnancy? Learn More From a Dentist In Tyler

March 18, 2019

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Woman with heart-shaped hands over pregnant belly

It goes without saying that it’s incredibly important to be careful with your health, diet, and lifestyle during pregnancy, including environmental exposures like dental X-rays. But what happens if you have a dental emergency during pregnancy such as an injury or severe toothache? Will a dentist in Tyler need to take X-rays and, if so, are they safe? These are very common questions among expectant mothers, and, in this blog, you’ll find answers!


Your Dentist in Tyler Lists 5 Reasons to be Proactive About Dental Care

February 20, 2019

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older man smiling in dentist chair

Once it’s understood how interwoven your total wellness and oral health are, taking steps to improve and maintain the condition of your teeth and gums becomes a necessity. It all starts with better education, though. Therefore, your dentist in Tyler weighs in to list 5 reasons why taking a more proactive approach to your dental health is the most advantageous route.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Tyler and the Benefits of Teeth Whitening

February 12, 2019

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For a beautiful smile, see your dentist in Tyler.

Looking to get the most benefit when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Tyler? Consider teeth whitening. It’s a great way to enjoy a brighter smile affordably. Prescription teeth whitening products are not only gentle, the benefits can last for a year or even longer.


How Cosmetic Dentistry in Tyler Can Gift You a Perfect Smile

December 2, 2018

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Woman pointing to her smile.

Are you confident in your smile? During the holidays, your pearly whites sure are put to the test. Whether it’s family, work, or social engagements, it seems like everyone wants a photo. This normally fun activity can cause those with imperfect smiles to feel self-conscious, and sometimes, avoid the photos altogether. Thankfully, your dentist can help. Keep reading to learn how cosmetic dentistry in Tyler can give you a perfect set of pearly whites for the holiday season.


Why This Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Your Dentist in Tyler

November 17, 2018

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Smiling woman in the dental chair.Fall and winter are busy times of the year with school gearing up and the holidays approaching. You are probably not thinking about your last visit to your dentist, but the end of the year is the perfect time to touch base with your dental provider to schedule any appointments for preventive care or treatment that you need. Why? Because your benefits are about to run out! Your dentist in Tyler explains.


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